What is the club like?

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If your idea of a great day’s fly fishing is catching free rising fish on floating lines using small flies in gorgeous surroundings, whether on the river for brown trout or grayling or beside the stocked lakes for lively rainbow trout then we have a lot to offer you at Jervaulx Fly Fishers.
Experienced fly fishers, or those just beginning this wonderful hobby, will have enough challenges and variation to really enjoy their days out.
There is always the chance to meet other members of the club for a chat and for picking up tips and advice. Members can easily purchase guest tickets to bring along friends and family to share the experience.
All of our venues have safe and easy access to the waters and there is no requirement for 4x4 vehicles to get you to the fishing sites.
The fishing can, on some days, be easy and very rewarding and on others it will be tricky and frustrating, but that’s the challenge and enjoyment of true northern fly fishing.
There is a variety of locations and habitats to choose from on each visit, which means you can decide how to fish on the day. The real challenge of fly fishing in beautiful North Yorkshire is that you will never have the same conditions each time, especially on the River Ure. So, when the river has decided to fill up and flow fast, your day will not be wasted as you can always fish one of the Stillwaters to try for a feisty rainbow instead.

Getting started

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We are always looking for new members so why not get in touch and our Secretary will be please to provide current information on membership
Here’s one of the Committee caught looking for new members, perhaps not in the best place.
We are open to all and at any level of experience, younger and junior membership is actively encouraged.
Please contact us and we will be very happy to supply further information about the club and of course about joining Jervaulx Fly Fishers

General Rules

We try to keep the rules to a minimum but of course every club needs to comply with both Environment Agency and local rules to ensure safe and fare conditions are maintained for both members and of course fish!
Here’s a few of the main Rules of Jervaulx Fly Fishers – further details and a full set of the Rules of the Syndicate will be sent to any new member once they have joined the Club. The Club acts as a Syndicate. In these rules of the Syndicate the masculine term shall be taken to embrace the feminine.
The Management Committee shall hold the tenancy of the Syndicate Waters and shall control the fisheries. Members shall be permitted to fish the waters in return for an annual subscription and shall be invited to put forward suggestions and comments at an annual General Meeting to be convened in January each year. A Quorum for the Committee shall be at least 4 members including at least one of Chairman, Deputy Chairman.
Proof of membership must be carried at all times when upon the syndicate water or upon the land of the Riparian Owners and must be produced upon reasonable demand. The membership card will constitute proof of authority as a Bailiff to act on behalf of the Syndicate. All Members and any Guests must be in possession of a current and valid EA rod licence.
Fishing is by artificial fly only. Fly sizes shall not exceed – size12 on running waters and on stillwaters size 10 standard shank hooks (no ‘lures’ shall be used)
On all waters all hooks shall be barbless or de-barbed.
Any trout under 11”, or Grayling under10”, must be returned carefully, the hands being wet if the fish needs to be handled.
Each Member shall keep a record of his river catch and shall submit an annual return to the Club.
Members must sign in and sign out at the end of each fishing session where the Club has such facilities. There are bag limits depending on which waters the Member is fishing.
Fishing Season
On the River at Jervaulx the fishing season is in accordance with limitations laid down by Environment Agency.
In general, our Stillwaters are open from 1st April to 31st December each year.
The bag limit for a member and his guest(s) shall total no more than the number in the party. Floatation tubes or other floating devices are prohibited on all waters of the Syndicate.
Guests may fish only upon the invitation of a Member, who must accompany the guest at all times when upon the Syndicate waters. A guest must be in possession of a Syndicate Guest Ticket, which must be signed by the host Member, and returned promptly to the Honorary Secretary or left in a Catch Return box. A member may, at any one time, take at most two Guests on the Syndicate's waters.
No guest may fish any of the Still Waters prior to 1st May but guests may fish the river from the start of the brown trout season.
Guests' bag limits shall be as noted above in the General Rules. Guests may only fish for trout and grayling.(except for Guests with salmon fishing permits).
Pre-booking of fishing
There will be no pre-booking of fishing. If, upon attending a fishery, a member finds that others are already in occupation, the continuation or commencement of fishing shall be by agreement in accordance with these rules, saving which the newly arrived member shall have no rights of priority, and will be expected either to wait or to proceed to an alternative fishery of the syndicate.
Access to Waters
Access to waters shall be by proper routes, as determined by the Riparian Owners. The rights and interests of the Owners, their tenants, employees and neighbours, must be respected. No cast litter or other tackle shall be left on the property. All gates must be closed.